April 17, 2014

Love shoes? This will make your day

Sooooooo a few days ago The Coveteur featured the closet of italian it-girl stylist balmain-collector Erica Pelosini.
Erica, whom I featured several times on my insta because the girl has style (italian style, which makes her even cooler) and whom I am planning to do a post about soon, makes me jealous a little lot. 

Jealousy is bad for my soul I know.
But I can't help it.
 Those of you who follow me for some time know that I have a (arguable unhealthy) obsession with designer shoes (haha normal shoes are just less interesting).
It has never come to my mind to think about stealing or breaking into someone's house, but seeing her collection almost makes me want to hire professionals to raid her closet for me (I'm a shoe size 38 btw, I hope she's too).
No I'm totally kidding. Haha.

Don't laugh but let me tell you what I did instead: I put the photo of her shoe closet as my desktop wallpaper on my laptop.
AAAARGHHH that's unhealthy obsession behaviour for sure...
(sorry bf, I still love you but for the moment I'd rather look at her shoes)

I am still deciding on which one is my favourite pair: Louboutin, Balmain, Alaïa, Aquazzura or Zanotti? Or maybe Marant?

Ok so you might find that unhealthy obsessing behaviour, but I'll be here looking at my laptop and feeling happy. SO SAD I KNOW.

ps I am 100% sure that some A LOT of you will save these photos on your laptop too. You're welcome.

And because I'm such a great blogger that thinks of your needs I know that all you want to do after seeing these photos is SHOPSHOPSHOPSHOP. 
So here you go, my favourite pairs of the moment to drool over / make a splurge on JUST DO IT. 

My 21 favourites of the moment (let me tell you I had the time of my life making this selection, that's just how I roll), no classic boring shoes here but FABULOUS GLORIOUS FASHIONABLE OVER-THE-TOP CANDY FOR THE EYE.  
I'll start with the Tod's sandals and the Aquazzura Saharienne, thanks. 

April 16, 2014

Update: my shopping diet

Soooooooo the 25th of March I decided to take a break from shopping (read it here) until the 1st of May, and if I succeed I can treat myself to my favourite Céline sunglasses that I REALLY REALLY NEED IN MY LIFE. We are now a few weeks into my challenge, and it has been a challenge, let me tell you that.

Summary: I am a weak person. 

The first week went allright, I told some friends about it and when I had a slight problem at Zara they protected me from myself. Thank you friends!
Ok but then I went to Paris.
 PARIS = SHOPPING HEAVEN!!! It doesn't help that I went there to visit one of my best friends - who happens to be a shopping addict - so I knew what I was getting myself into. But seriously I could not NOT visit her because of my shopping diet, could I?!!
After she gave me a tour of her campus (at Cité Universitaire - if you're a student and you're going on an exchange to Paris, that's where you want to be!!!) we went into the city to explore shop.

I bought trousers from An'ge, a french brand that my friend was so friendly to tell me about.

OK BUT!!! I really needed new trousers. The thing is my Spring closet has ONLY jeans, jeans and more jeans (and a couple of coloured jeans). And I cannot wear jeans all the time - I love skirts and dresses but my legs are really too pale in Spring (I know about selftanner but I am a real loser in applying it urgh). They were not expensive and ALSO I was very much encouraged by my friend to buy them. So I gave in. Oooooppssss (my mother hates them btw because they are leggings - actually this is the first pair of leggings I bought and YES I REGRET IT BUT IT WAS PARIS!!!).

Ok so then I kept it together for the next hours despite temptation being everywhere: a Naked 3 pallette (that I can't get here), a very cute Louis Vuitton pouch, tons of stuff I tried on at Zara including a perfect playsuit AND ALSO THE CELINE SUNGLASSES I WANT!!!! I had them in my hands for half an hour LITERALLY but I didn't give in so I'm proud of myself :)

Later we passed the Nike store at Champs-Elysées and I bought a pair of epic run tights (but I wanted to get a pair anyway because they are always sold out here and I needed those so this is not really a cheat). Btw that store is CRAZY BUSY and CRAZY HOT; I would not advise going there unless you really want something.

(Ok and on another note then we went to dinner at a great Japanese restaurant, in Avenue George V (next to the big LV store), find it here, the food was amaaaaazing!) 

The next day I DID NOT BUY ANYTHING - despite walking around in Le Marais, where most shops are open on Sundays. I was heavily tempted by a top and a dress at Ted Baker, but I DID NOT GIVE IN!!!!!

Ok so that was Paris.

This weekend I bought trousers AGAIN. I had to go to a work thing with my bf and I needed a NOT JEANS outfit and I couldn't wear a skirt (again selftanner is a disaster with me). I was planning to wear a pair of blue trousers from my mother. But then I was shopping for my bf and I saw a store that said 'OUTLET CAMBIO PATRIZIA PEPE ETC'. I HAD to go in because Cambio trousers are like the BEST not-jeans trousers EVER (really!!!!! - check them here) and there was a pair with flowers that looked amaaaaaaaazing and I always try flowered/printed pairs because I love those but mostly they don't fit me because I don't have Gisele Bundchen legs.
But my bf insisted INSISTED that I tried them and they looked amazing so I bought them (my bf said "if you don't get them I will" and I didn't want that so I bought them myself). And yes I looked amazing at the work thing despite the trousers being a size too big (I knew this but you should always take a size down at Cambio, german brands tend to size bigger FAIL but I will wear them because they are really awesome)

3 pairs of trousers:
- 1 pair of leggings that I don't think I will wear much (OOOPSSS but my friend pushed me to buy them I'm sure you all have that friend)
- 1 pair of Nike Epic Run tights that are my new best friends
- 1 pair of Cambio flowered trousers that are amaaaaazing but too big.

(And I ordered these Zara shorts but these don't count because my mother will pay for them because she made a big stain on my other pair of white shorts)

Conclusion: I am a hopeless person when it comes to not shopping. BUT!!! I didn't buy anything I don't need (ok arguably the first leggings) AND more importantly,  where my challenge is about: I didn't buy tops, make-up, bracelets, earrings or SHOES and those are on my normal 'shopping list'.
SOOOO I'm not proud of myself, but I'm not mad either, and I still have 15 days to go and MY WALLET IS CLOSED NOW!!!!

yes the photos are crappy. I wanted to make 'professional' photos but I lost the cable to connect the camera to my laptop haha

April 15, 2014

Fit for summer

You know when you say to yourself: "from today on I will stop eating crap and work out everyday and don't stop living extremely healthy until I reach my target weight?"
I say that to myself every. single. day. again. but I don't do it (for the moment Nutella and candy are some of my main nutrients)


There are 9 more weeks until summer (yes, it's coming faaaaaaast) and I want to be the best version of myself by then. I say this a lot but maybe writing this here will make me work for it harder, and not just SAY it but DO it. I think it would help to make 'progress photos' and post them here but since you guys barely know what my face looks like I think it's strange if I will start posting photos of my body here hahaha :)


I know the secret formula: it's eating healthy and working out. This sounds SO EASY and yet it's SO HARD!!! I know what is bad and what is good for my body, I know I'm not supposed to eat chips and then expect I can have a summerproof body but put a bag of chips before me and I will devour it (I'm drooling a little as I am writing this hahah sad but true).

1. #cutthecrap: No more sweets/Nutella/chocolate and take it down on the carbs. I am at home now for the Easter break which means there is so much temptation - my mother is one of those ladies that makes bread herself and it's sooooo goooooooooood when it's fresh and warm and with a big layer of Nutella on it. Also at home we have a motto: "we don't eat to live but live to eat": true story :)
Problem? Honestly, I am THE WORST when it comes to resisting sweets and delicious things that are not healthy. Soft drinks I can resist "easily", but cheese/sweets/CHOCOLATE/chips are just always screaming "get me in your belly". I would rather eat candy the whole day instead of three solid meals - I'm also the person who always eats dinner at the appetisers because that's my favourite course - and then I am not hungry for the main course anymore :)
Plan of action: I just finished the Nutella jar (with a spoon) so that danger is now safely in my belly // Less bread/potatoes/pasta (half a portion instead of a portion of these) // No more sweets (I will ask my sister to hide it from me, it's the only way) // Nuts or fruit or a carrot when I have cravings instead of a yoghurt or chocolate (I will ask my sister to hide the chocolate too) // drink one alcoholic (high-calorie) beverage and then water when going out with friends or try this at least


2. #sweatitbaby: Usually I am a very active person and I go to the gym once a week + tennis + running + squats/abs/etc every evening + an occasional swim, but the last month I hardly did any sport. My gym membership ended and blahblah long story but I can't renew it because there is a possibility that I go abroad next September and I have to pay for a whole year. I don't know why I didn't run lately, I had no time for tennis (my weekends were really stuffed lately) and I let my 'before-bed exercises' (that I normally do EVERY DAY) slack the last month.
Problem? I am lazy. I'm too tired, I already showered, my leg hurts, I will do it tomorrow, .. Also it's the fault of Spring and Instagram and dinners and drinks with friends and ok I'm just LAZY!!
Plan of action: I will take my running shoes out of my closet // I will go swimming + tennis once a week // exercises during half an hour before bed // Insanity with my brother (we are competing hahha) // look for great workouts online (it's been ages since I've been on blogilates)


Ok so this post was mainly for me trying to motivate myself and you might not find it as interesting as my other posts are (HAHAHAHA) but of course I think about you too and voilààà here is some great fitspo (that you can also find on my pinterest) and OK LET'S DO THIS!!!!!!!

Who's with me? 

ps nothing better to motivate you and go break a sweat than these photos, don't you agree?
ppss fitness girls on insta can also be a great help (like when I'm scrolling and eating chocolate and then I see a healthy girl telling me not to sometimes I stop eating :) Make sure to follow lydiaemillenKayla ItsinesTeresa LopezToned fitbabesTraining heart you and of course ME

photos: Pinterest

April 11, 2014

Style secrets from Giovanna Battaglia

Today Giovanna is going to teach us some of her secret style rules: "How to become an itgirl-fashionista". Take note, bookmark this page, print it out and put if above your bed because with these tips your fashion life will change. 

Giovanna Battaglia is many things. She's Italian. She's a stylist. She's a jetsetter (and friends with other stylish jetset girls like Bianca Brandolini and Eugénie Niarchos). She's a professional it-girl and fashionista. She's the long-time girlfriend of Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld (son of Caroline Roitfeld). This  is reflected in her style, which I would describe as VERY Italian, VERY ladylike and VERY VERY VERY FANTASTICO! 

She's probably my favourite girl in the category stylist/fashionista; she beats Anna Dello Russo (who wears straight-of-the-runway combinations a little too often), Viviana Volpicella (though it's almost a tie) and for sure that other famous/often-photographed stylist: Rachel Zoe (who dresses just too American). 

Soooooooooo after weeks and weeks and months of reflection of what her secret to ALWAYS LOOK GOOD is, this is what I found out: (of course I made it up and she didn't contribute to this post or what did you think)

Giovanna Battaglia:  "How to become an itgirl-fashionista"

Rule numero uno. Be naturally pretty on photos. It's just something you have or don't have - and I for sure, do not have it. Giovanna looks like a model (actually she surprise is a former model) on every single photo and of course, that helps and it's a big advantage JEALOUS!!!
Rule numero duo. Be tall. It's no secret that clothes look a lot better on tall people and again you will look so much better in photos - which will increase you looking good, which will increase your fashionista-image, which will increase your job opportunities ETCETERA. 
I am 1m68 cm, so again I fail. 

Ok, those of you who, like me, failed at completing numero uno and duo definately have a lesser chance on becoming a  famous itgirl-fashionista, but because I have zero intentions on becoming one and I just like to write guidelines that make no sense, we're off to the next secret .
Optional  but a serious increase of your chances: have rich parents/a rich boyfriend/friends in the fashion industry (No, no, and no for me)

Rule numero trio. Stick to your colour. Everyone has a colour that he or she looks AMAZING in, a colour that is great for every season and that eventually people will associate with you. For Giovanna, it's red - and of course to her luck red is a colour that draws attention. Red is definately not my colour, I look great in white and blue but just my luck those colours are boooooring :) 

Rule numero quattro. Make an accessory 'so you'. Giovanna swears by cat-eye big sunglasses and made those her signature look. 
The accessory that makes me 'so me' would be my phone because I always have it in my hand. I fail because that's so boring. 

Rule numero cinquo. Keep it small. Don't carry around big bags because those bring the attention to the bag and not to you, your fabulousness, your legs, your face, your hair, your outfit. Also bags that everybody has are boooooring: Giovanna is hardly seen with a Chanel/LV/Hermes bag and that makes her stand out to zillions of other fashionistas that all wear those brands. 
I 'keep it small' too because my collection of bags is currently below 15 pieces (bags are soooo boring compared to shoes to invest in haha). 

Rule numero sei. A skirt is the way to go, ALWAYS. Giovanna swears by skirts and dresses because they are more feminine, more interesting, sexier and they look more fashionable. If you want to devote your life to becoming an itgirl-fashionista, I suggest you throw away your trousers NOW. 
I fail, AGAIN, because jeans are kind of my uniform. Booooooooooring. 

Rule numero sei 1/2. Sometimes it's ok to wear trousers. When it's really cold, or when you forgot to shave your legs, or when your legs haven't seen the sun in over a half year and you messed up applying selftanner. 
The latter is my current situation. Working on your tan when you're inside the whole time is hard, babes! 

Rule numero sette. Coats make you look interesting. Don't be one of those wannabe-fashionistas that has to show off her body in clothes that don't cover anything, but wear statement coats that make you look important. Giovanna is the master...
I wear big coats. But just because I'm too cold otherwise. So I guess I pass at this rule? :) 

Rule numero sette. When commoners don't understand your looks that you thought long and deep and hard about, then it's time to call yourself a real fashionista. 
My feelings towards these outfits are of a strong dislike, and that proves the rule because I'm not even close to being an itgirl-fashionista.... 

sources: Pinterest, Google, Collage VintageStockholm StreetstyleStyle Du Monde

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