April 23, 2014

Wanna be a WAG?

Are you familiar with the term WAG? I've seen the term in magazines (that I'm not very proud to admit I read haha), and recently I learned it stands for Wives and Girlfriends - originally of high-profile footballers, but now just of any footballer. And just know that there are few things that repel me more about fashion than the way footballers dress. IEUW.

Examples? I am (heureusement) not a specialist in the matter, I only can come up with three WAGS:
- Victoria Beckham: she is so much more today, she doesn't even fit the category anymore, but in her early days Victoria was THE WAG, you'll see when you scroll down.
- Shakira: never think of her as a WAG, but she is married to a player from FC Barcelona
- Sylvie Van Der Vaart/ Meis: she is divorced so technically not a WAG anymore. But let me tell you, the past month I learned about her and I am not ashamed to admit that I am OBSESSED with her style. I love everything she wears, and you'll do too, just wait and DO NOT JUDGE ME!

It takes a lot of effort to become a WAG I imagine; as hundreds of girls are your competitors (quote by Yolanda Foster who is not a WAG but she's on a reality show so it's kind of the same category):

Some tips and tricks if you feel like it's your destiny to join the WAG-club:

1. Make-up, and a lot of it, is your best friend. 
2. Do not wear outfits that cover your boobs. 
3. Do not act like you're smart (even if you are). WAGS are know for being pretty, not for being intelligent.  
4. Posing nude is a must, preferably once a year. 
5. You don't need a job because you have to look after your footballer. 
6. If you do want to work, take up a career as a tv host, singer or develop your own fashion label (best move ever, Victoria)
7. Ibiza, St-Tropez and Miami are your holy triangl for holidays, Milano is your city for shopping. 
8. Talking about shopping, it's your favourite hobby.  
9. Dress to impress. Skinny jeans, a white shirt and converse will get you nowhere, if you walk the streets you want to turn heads so make sure to be dressed up 100%. Yes, even to go get some toilet paper (not that you don't have staff to do that for you). Think: Kim Kardashian in her early days. 
10. In your closet: tight dresses, fringed blouses and boots, looaaaads of gold jewellery, tight jeans, Balmain jackets, big platform pumps (like the Louboutin Daffodils). Your brands are Versace, Philipp Plein and Cavalli. 
11. Fake tan, extensions, fake nails, boobjob, botox: name it and you have it. 
12. Heels. Always. 
13. Your bags are Chanel, Hermes or Louis Vuitton, with very few exceptions. 
14. Accessorize: rings, bracelets, ankle bracelets, earrings, a hat, sunglasses and a corsage in one outfit are not too much. 
15. Have babies. A lot of them. 

WAG style, the Victoria Beckham edition: 
Oh Victoria, you've come such a long way. And you have to know I didn't even pick the worst outfits. Did she come up her style transformation by herself or was she pushed into it by her friends who said: "Victoria, it stops now, you look like a Vegas stripper 99% of the time and we want to help you." I'm curious. 

WAG Style, the Sylvie Van der Vaart/Meis edition:
I know the Anna Wintour's and Carine Roitfeld's of this world probably wouldn't appreciate her style: it's too styled, too much trends in one outfit and too much thought about. But compared to early-days Victoria Beckham she passes the fashion-WAG-test with an A+++++ (also Vogue NL had her on her cover, so not all fashion people hate her). 
I can't help but loooooooove everything she wears, from her Isabel Marants head-to-toe outfits, to her Lanvin necklaces to her Aquazzura's (in the worst colour ever though). 

Victoria Beckham photos: Google / Sylvie Meis photos: Google, Pinterest and Sylvievandervaartstyle

How do you feel about WAG-style? 

April 22, 2014

The Fashion Alphabet: A is for Azzedine Alaïa

It's time for a new series of posts on Life is Royalty! In The Fashion Alphabet I will look into a designer (expect loads of shoe designers haha), trend or fashionista that inspires me. In this blog I talk about shopping and it-girls all the time, but with the Fashion Alphabet I really want to learn more about the people and ideas behind fashion so this is a great way for me to search the Internet, read about it and present my 'studies' to you guys.

Let's kick it off with the AAAAAAA of Aquazzura (probably my favourite designer that starts with an A but I already made a post about him), Acne, Anna Wintour, Alexander Wang, Alice by Temperly, Anja Rubik and many others, but today I want to discuss the feminine, luxurious and timeless designs of the great Azzedine Alaïa.

When he may not be very gifted on his height, this man has GREAT GIANT talent. Alaïa is known for figure-hugging and sexy dresses and his sky-high killer heels (yes, that's THE way to describe his shoes, the cliché as it may sound). Mr Alaïa was born in Tunisia in 1940 - so today he's 74 years old but that doesn't mean he designs boring clothes for old people, OH NO!!
He began his career as a dressmaker's assistant in Tunisia, but the capital of fashion called to him and in 1957 he moved to Paris - something my 17-year old self could only dream about ...
In Paris he worked with Christian Dior, Guy Laroche and Thierry Mugler, and soon he opened his first atelier where he dressed icons like Greta Garbo.
It wasn't until 1980 he presented his first ready-to-wear collection, and while the eighties are known for big shoulders, big suits and figure-hiding clothes, he dressed his models in tight clothes that showed the body, and the world loved it.

In the eighties his designs went worldwide: boutiques opened in New York, Beverly Hills and Paris. Just a small selection of celebrities/icons (not the same thing...) who wear Alaïa: Grace Jones, Tina Turner,  Kylie Minogue, Madonna, Naomi Campbell (they're good friends), Stephanie Seymour, Carino Roitfeld, Carla Sozzani, Michelle Obama and also Kim Kardashian and Lady Gaga (yes that's why I put a / between celebrities/icons).
The death of his sister caused him to disappear from the fashion scene during the nineties, but he continued to dress a private clientele and still had a ready-to-wear line.
In 2000 he signed a partnership with the Prada group, but in 2007 he bought back his own house and brand name. However, his leather goods and footwear division are today still being developed and produced by the group. During the same year, the Richemont group (Cartier, Van Cleef&Arpels,..) took a stake in his fashion house.

What distinguishes Alaïa from the Chanels and Louis Vuittons of this world is that focusses on clothes rather than "it-bags, perfume and sunglasses. Much like Bottega Veneta, Alaïa stands for discreet luxury. Alaïa only holds fashion shows when he has something to show (so that does NOT include coutoure, pret-a-porter, pre-fall, pre-summer and cruise collection). He does not care about promotion: even at the height of his fame he showed his collection in Paris three weeks later than Paris fashion week.

There is more: 
- Alaïa has never learnt English
- He was named Chevalier de la Légion d'honneur by the French government in 2008 (Valentino also holds this title)
- He is not friends with Anna Wintour nor Karl Lagerfeld. About Anna he said "When I see how she is dressed, I don't believe in her tastes one second.. Anyway, who will remember Anna Wintour in the history of fashion? No one." FYI: his designs haven't been in the American Vogue for a long time, though he is very well sold in America. About Karl: " I don't like his fashion, his spirit, his attitude. It's too much caricature. Karl Lagerfeld never touched a pair of scissors in his life."
- In 2011 he was asked to replace John Galliano at Dior, he expressed being flattered but he was not interested in the position.
- Why is he friends with Kim Kardashian? The Internet could not provide me with an answer unfortunately....

 I didn't really know much about him, just that he was short and has amazing dresses and shoes that I can't afford. After learning he is a designer that follows his own vision, who stays true to himself and knowing that he isn't interested in selling the "it-bag" of the moment I am now going to save for a pair of Alaïa shoes, and a dress. Halleluja.

And now, for those of you who have a bigger wallet than me - or for those of you who (like me) drool over his clothes: let's <window> shop.

biography: source source source source source

Did you enjoy the first episode of The Fashion Alphabet? 

Stay tuned because next week 'B' is coming, and I can tell you it will be about hideous footwear... 

April 20, 2014

Easter Outfit

Happy Easter darlings! Today I'm planning on eating chocolate until I get sick - well that's not my plan but I know it's inevitable haha. Chocolate at breakfast, lunch and dinner and everything in between, can't wait!!!

Today my plan is also to NOT wear jeans and flats, Easter is a day to wear a cute dress, heels and look ladylike (I hope I won't spill chocolate on my outfit though...)
Voilà my outfit inspiration for today: thinking about ordering the dress as soon as my shopping diet is over because I'm obsessed with Kora Rae, they really have amazing pieces (in loooooove with this jumpsuit too, don't you think it's the perfect piece for my first outfit post YES IT'S COMING!!!)
Anyway I can't shop for another two weeks, and I'm going to stay strong!!!

Have a wonderful Easter and remember, calories don't count today... :)

April 18, 2014

Spring Problems

Spring is in the air!! Hallelujah!! Here we enjoyed a winter without snow or freezing temperatures - so for my feeling it was autumn for 6 months straight. As I am writing this I can look out of my window and I see blossoms on the trees, bees in the air and my sheep running around in their field (I love my sheep). Spring is awesome and maybe my favourite season because everything in nature starts living.
I could fill a thousand blogs with the reason I like spring so much, but that would be so predictable.

So therefore this list, with my Spring Problems.

- Jacket? No jacket? Scarf? Jacket on. Jacket off. Scarf on. Scarf off. Scarf back on. Jacket on. Dressing for spring is definately more of a challenge than dressing for autumn don't you agree?
- Being over-enthousiastic and sorting your summer wardrobe because it's 20°C one day and then the next day it's 8°C and you have to dig in the back of your closet to find a warm sweater.
- It's too early to eat ice-cream on the street (seriously people)
- Your favourite tv shows take a break (I guess this is because they think in Spring and Summer nobody wants to watch tv? Sooooo wrong).
- #shoppingaddictproblems: buying new clothes for spring/summer is SO HARD (I find it 100times harder than shopping for winter) because you want EVERYTHING. Clothes have flowers and cute prints and there are cute dresses and skirts and flats and you need new sunnies and a beach-bag and a bikini and sandals. But again these are #shoppingaddictproblems and I'm on a Shopping Diet remember :(
- I want to wear my new skirt (that is off-white) but my legs are zombie-white. Urgh.
- I want to wear my new skirt but it looks ridiculous with stockings.
- I want to master the art of applying self-tanner but I fail miserably every time again, no matter if I use Dior, Lancaster or L'Oréal products. My latest try ended in a big selftanner spot all over my belly and my wrists having tan fingerprints. Urgh.
- Exams are coming closer which means I should start studying which also means that I suffer from 'doing everything that I can think of instead of studying'.
- Wasps and mosquitos are getting awake ..... AAAAAARGHHHHHHHHH!!!! No but seriously I am deadly afraid of wasps and I am deadly annoyed with mosquitos (they like me).

Ok but honestly no matter this list I'm REALLY HAPPY SPRING IS HERE!!!

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