July 27, 2014


If you're planning to make an expensive purchase and you're not totally sure if you should go for it, I have a trick for you.

And the trick is called: CPW which stands for "Cost Per Wear". It's the perfect thing to justify expensive shoes/bags/jeans/jewelry/other clothing OR to make the very hard decision to not splurge. For example, a pair of sunglasses.

There are the kind of people that say: "Sunglasses, why would I spend money on those? I only wear them in summer and after a year I'm bored of them and I buy new ones. H&M is my brand to go".
And then there are other people that think like this: "If I buy the right sunglasses, it's a timeless accessory that I can wear for years and years and years. I could buy five different pairs of H&M each year and throw them in the bin after the summer, or I could invest in a Céline/Chanel/Saint Laurent pair that will last decades and I even can pass onto my daughter.
Guess what category I'm in? :)
(also I'm just afraid to buy cheap sunnies because I think those don't give good UV protection)

Ok so. If you buy a pair of classic sunnies - like the Céline Audrey that is more or less 200€-  and you wear them 100 days a year, ten years long (and I bet you will even wear them longer because they're designed by the model Audrey Hepburn wears in Breakfast at Tiffany's and helloooo how old is that movie?!) that makes 1000 times. That would make your CPW 200/1000 = 0,2€ per time you wear them.

CPW approved! 

However, if you want to splurge on a pair of 'special' Prada sunnies - like these ones, I can predict you won't wear them that often and they will not last for that long, let's say you wear them 50 days a year for 3 years (by then you will be sick of them I GUARANTEE THAT), that makes 150 times, and they cost 200€ so the CPW is 200/150 = 1,3€ per time you wear them.

CPW declined!!! 

<I knooooooww buying designer sunglasses is stupid because they make a profit of 250% on them but let's discuss that another time, shall we? But I really think they are better for your eyes. >

Of course the CPW of Zara/H&M/Forever 21 is insanely much lower than designer stuff at first, but no way you can wear your Zara bag/shoes/sunnies/bracelet for 20 years so in the end it's the same. OR SO I LIKE TO THINK!!!!

For the best result, apply CPW with bags, jewelry and sunglasses. A great example: a Cartier Love bracelet of 3000€ that you wear 300 days a year (and arguably even more because who takes off a Love bracelet when it's given to you as a symbol of love?!!) and you wear it for 25 years (after that your husband has to buy you something new) has a CPW of..... only 0,4€ a day!!! (Let your bf/husband read this.) 

 My biggest love, shoes, are unfortunately a bad example of CPW, because I use shoes like crazy (Chanel flats: bye bye feet and hello bin after two years). But I always make an exception for shoes or what did you think. As for clothing, I try to buy quality instead of quantity, but there is just no way I will keep a sweater/shirt/dress like 'new' for 5 years or more. So buying that STUNNING Dion Lee dress that is 600€ but I will only wear 30 times max? Hélas, not CPW approved... There is only one piece of clothing I plan to wear with a CPW = price: MY WEDDING DRESS.

Okaayyy so some of you will NOT agree with my way of thinking here but it's something I really use to justify expensive purchases. I KNOW SHOPAHOLIC SYMPTOMS I KNOW.

Do you apply CPW when you want to buy something expensive?

Kate Moss for Vogue

July 25, 2014

Oneliner #3

Do you hate it too when they serve you Diet Coke instead of Coke Zero? ... 

July 23, 2014

Last chance

THIS IS IMPORTANT: The sales are not about scoring 15 dresses and a jumpsuit from Zara at 10€ each, you will regret that because they have a bad fit and look horrible after washing 2 times (YES THERE IS A DIFFERENCE WHY DO YOU THINK ZARA IS SO CHEAP). The sales are about finding clothes of good quality at a lower price IT'S THAT SIMPLE. I am a CRAZY PERSON when it comes to sales, I do hours of "research" (HAHAHA), look at the items several times a day and I always try to buy at the moment there is a further reduction. I didn't buy that much at these sales because I want to save money for my semester in Paris (don't hate me mom but I'm going to spend it all on shopping). However, I 'm really tempted by this shopping list and I. Want. Everything

ps I bought the Isabel Marants and the Sergio Rossi shoes I talked about here - you can now get an extra 20% off for the Marants click (at first I was like AAARGH I could have saved another 50€ but they're sold out in my size so I did strike at the right time IT'S A GIFT I KNOW).

1. Sass&Bide shorts 2. Daniel Wellington watch (I have this one and LOVE it, sooo perfect for summer, girly, good quality, it goes with anyting - you get my point right: it's an amazing watch. There isn't a sale going on at their website but YOU can get a 15% discount if you use the code 'emilieinsta' YOU HAVE MY PERMISSION you can treat yourself to a watch) 
3. Bruno Cucinelli trousers 4. Theory 38 dress 5. Sandro dress 6. Saloni top and Saloni skirt (this ensemble was already sold out in my size before the sale started but it's actually one of my favourite looks from this season) 7. Jill Sander booties 8. Erdem ring

July 22, 2014

Can we talk about this dress for a moment

Moss is boss and she has been since forever. She wore this Christian Dior dress back in 2005 (that's 9 years ago!!!!!!!) when she was awarded with an award (I no speak English good) at the Council of Fashion Design Awards. And can I just say, it's one of my favourite dresses EVER wore by somebody EVER at an event EVER.

If I'm not mistaken, John Galliano was creative director at Dior back then, but in 2011 there was that scandal and he disapeared but now he's at Oscar de la Renta where I hope to see more stuningness and perfectionness like this. (Raf Simons, I love you don't worry you can stay at Dior).
Kate the Great has really bad hair (those roots and did she even brush it?) and wears questionable shoes and I don't even want to talk about the clutch but somehow that only makes this dress more perfect and more je ne sais quoi.
"Quoi? Am I standing here being awarded an award when I should have been awarded with that award a long time ago? I did not do my best to look cute but somehow I'm now making the best red carpet appearence in the last decade". That's why Moss is boss.

I'm not going to spoil this dress for you by rambling on what is great about it because I no speak English good enough to explain what's so spectacular about it BUT promise me you'll look at this photo for a minute. Then you can leave me a comment and say that indeed, this is one of your favourite dresses EVER wore by somebody EVER at an event EVER.

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